Maybe it was a little Patriot's Day magic or one of those wacky weather anomalies in Maine. But if you happened to pop your Facebook or Instagram app open sometime in the late-afternoon or early-evening on Monday, you were probably inundated with rainbow photos. Why? Well, take a look. It was a majestic rainbow. One of those double-rainbows that could be cause for a freakout. (internet joke). When a rainbow is that good looking, you've got to share it on social media or it didn't happen, right?

Facebook via Michelle Pilotte
Facebook via Tim Saucier

A couple things you'll notice throughout some of these photos shared with us by friends is that this particular rainbow was very visible. Vibrant color and color that came through on photos. The other oddity? The reflective "bubble" that seems to be around it in several photos.

Facebook via Jenna Wise
Facebook via Missy Moody

In a couple photos, you'll notice the "double rainbow" effect. According to Wikipedia, double rainbows occur when "light is being reflected twice on the inside of the droplet before leaving it."

Facebook via Molly McGill
Facebook via Lindsay Fletcher

Perhaps the perfect rainbows across Maine was Mother Nature saying sorry for that extremely rude and uncalled for nor'easter we all experienced last Friday. A little reminder that better days are ahead, with warmth, sun and reuniting with friends and family.

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