College isn't easy. For many high school graduates, a chance to head to a 4-year university represents the first real challenge of adulthood. And after their lengthy journey, they are rewarded with a diploma for their hard work and effort. You just have to hope your degree was spellchecked before being delivered...

Shared on Twitter via Sydneydee23, apparently she recently received her degree for her studies in journalism. One problem, there's an extra U in that big long word. Yikes.

To be fair, everyone makes mistakes because they are human. The University of Maine system is known for being a terrific grouping of schools for higher education, and this situation was likely a small oversight. Funny? Absolutely. Unless of course you're the young lady who gets this handed to you after your 4 years of hard work. Who knows, maybe with her degree in journalism, she can become an editor. Is UMaine hiring?

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