Comedian Theo Von is a unique comedian, to say the least. You'll either not understand his humor, dislike it, or he'll just make you laugh until your stomach hurts and your cheeks ache.

If you've seen his standup, you know he likes to take you on a journey through his world, a place where logic meets insanity and leaves you asking yourself, "Did he really just say that?"

Sporting a mullet that looks like it was styled by a tornado, his appearance alone could be a sitcom. Picture a mix of Southern charm meets a lost member of a '90s boy band, and you’re well on your way.

He reminds me of a friend I went to high school with. Both have a minds that appear to have been marinating in randomness. You may know someone like this too. You say something and they without taking a breath will follow up with something that makes absolutely no sense but is somehow hilarious.

The Fake Podcsast posted a TikTok video of Theo appearing on Sundae Conversation, a podcast owned by Barstool Sports and hosted by Caleb Pressley. Theo gets asked, "What's your favorite weird city?". it didn't take him long at all to come up with Portland, Maine. He had appeared to spend some time up this way, as I do remember him talking about spending time with John Travolta at his home in Islesboro when he was a kid. Did that actually happen? It's Theo Von, we'll probably never know.

His response is sure to have you laughing... or confused depending on your sense of humor. Oh yeah, this video might be NSFW.

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