As the craft beer boom continues to sweep over Maine like a rain on Alanis Morissette's wedding day, more and more breweries are having to look outside of Portland to set up shop. We're excited about that here at WCYY, because if it means we can find craft beer regardless of which town we're in, we'll second that motion. The latest brewery to open outside of Portland is still in the planning stages, but it sounded too cool not to tell you guys about.

The Portland Press Herald reports that two local entrepreneurs, Frank Grondin and Brad Moll, announced their plans Tuesday to set up a small-batch craft brewery and pub on Main St in Yarmouth. 236 Main St, to be exact - the current home of Anthony's Dry Cleaners (pictured above).

Addording to the PPH, Grondin and Moll will call the establishment Brickyard Hollow. Apparently that name comes from a muddy valley in town that was constantly filled with black ash, back when the mills were open.

The PPH states that though the building plans are still under review, it's estimated that the establishment will be roughly 2100 sq/ft, and will be able to accommodate  60 people indoors, as well as 30 more on the patio. Sign us up! Grondin and Moll hope to open the restaurant and brewery in the fall.

Are you excited about Brickyard Hollow? Let us know in the comments!

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