With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s time for us all to pay homage to that very important person: my Mom.

Yes, mine. I’m sure the maternal figure in your life is perfectly delightful. But my own mother always comes to mind when discussing the topic of working moms.

Mom went to Westbrook College in Maine, then to Salem State in Massachusetts to pursue her degree in English (the latter while working full-time for the North Shore newspaper the Salem News). But her trek to graduation was delayed upon the arrival of an entirely new challenge: me.

So, while Dad few airplanes and served in the Naval Reserves (and hung out in Maine with his famous pal Daryl), my mother adopted the job of Stay-At-Home Mom. When we were little, she took us to see Jason Bateman in children’s theater productions in Hampton, and helped me fall in love with the Beach Bowzers at a sorely missed pizza and gaming establishment.

When we were in grade school, Mom decided the time was right to finally get that degree. So, after she finished quizzing me on my dreaded history tests (which led to a lifelong interest in the subject, and A.P. credits, thank you), she’d get to work on a long night of subjects like Statistics.

In 1998, Mom – the same age as Jay Leno if you’d like to run some statistics yourself – proudly graduated from the University of New Hampshire. And soon after (and for five years), she worked as a newspaper editor before numerous retirements (which resulted in more comebacks than Tom Brady, but with better results).

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