Say hello to yet another house you just wish you could afford! In the event you aren't inheriting that Scrooge McDuck money any time soon, you'll just have to peruse this $7.2 million dollar house located at 25 St. Martin's Lane in Biddeford, Maine.

As you scroll through the pictures, you'll begin to understand why this house is reserved for the filthy rich. This 4,500 square foot home has a measly 5 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms for maximum comfort and enjoyment. Additionally, the house is situated right on the Saco Bay, with spectacular views that hard to put a price tag on.

The home also comes with history. James Montgomery Flagg, a famous artist and illustrator, once owned the home and decorated the inside with his own murals. Those murals and other works have been professionally restored and come with the home, giving the purchaser an additional bonus beyond the beauty.

The house is also located on its own private road behind the Abenakee Club Golf Links

. Just in case someone needed that extra push over the edge to reach deep into their pockets.

This is what its like to dream. Anyone got some spare change I can borrow?

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