There's a lot to look at when driving down Maine roads these days. Almost anything goes on license plates, which can be eye opening. But then there's also stickers, which typically have funny quips that can draw a chuckle. But this car right here, shared on Reddit by lucascuster, doesn't hold back.

Reddit via lucascuster
Reddit via lucascuster

As if the bright pink color of the car wasn't enough to stand out, whomever drives this automobile decided that a SEND NUDES sticker pasted on the back of their ridiculously large spoiler could really spread the message. Take a closer look near the license plate, and you might end up "shocked" as to what you see.

The picture of this car was initially posted in a Reddit group called "People of Walmart" and labeled as the Douche Wagon Deluxe. We're not sure which of Maine's various Walmart locations this was parked at, but does that really matter? You can't miss this car on the road, in a parking lot or anywhere. And it does exist, SOMEWHERE IN MAINE.

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