Walking around after the big snowstorm this past weekend, you may have come across some animal tracks. Whether you live in a busy Maine town, or out in the sticks, wildlife is all around us. It's one of the many reasons Maine is such a great place to live.

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash
Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash


I have always wanted to learn more about animal tracks....for educational (and survival) purposes, and now thanks to our friends at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, I can! The department posted a handy-dandy Animal Track Guide.

MDIF&W wrote:

A fresh blanket of snow is the perfect canvas for animal tracks 
We're challenging you to go outside and see what tracks you can identify! 

Some of the animals you should be on the lookout for in your snowy backyard include:

  • Deer
  • Moose
  • Red Fox
  • Gray Fox
  • Lynx
  • House Cat
  • Otter
  • Fisher
  • Mink
  • Weasel
  • Raccoon
  • Skunk
  • Porcupine
  • Beaver
  • Black Bear
  • Opossum
  • Woodchuck
  • Muskrat
  • Snowshoe Hare
  • Cottontail Rabbit
  • Squirrel
  • Mouse
  • Crow
  • Turkey
  • Grouse

Here's a look at the guide. Keep in mind the tracks here are not to scale. You can go "next level with animal tracks by downloading the Pocket Guide to Maine Animal Tracks HERE


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