So here we go again, Tom Brady is in national headlines again today for throwing his appeal of a 4-game suspension on the doorstep for judges in New York City. That suspension of course, came at the hands of NFL Commissioner and New England public enemy #1, Roger Goodell. Enter in a small family market named Toziers.

According to the Bangor Daily News' #Maine blog, Toziers' made sure that Roger Goodell knew exactly where the store stands on Tom Brady's suspension and their personal feelings on Mr. Goodell. If Rog is planning on vacationing along the coast of Maine, he won't be picking up any green peppers at Toziers.

Goodell famously has a home in Scarborough, Maine. That home became a national story last year after Brady's suspension was first announced. There were claims from various sources that Goodell had called in a favor, asking the Scarborough PD to watch over his home to avoid any vandalism at the hands of irate New England Patriots fans. That story ended up being false.

Goodell verses Brady continues to be in the headlines however, thanks to the appeal courts ruling that reinstated Brady's suspension. Today, Brady files his last ditch appeal in hopes of absolving the suspension and putting the unnecessary fiasco about ball inflation to rest.

Thanks Toziers for saying what all New England Patriots fans are thinking; Mr. Goodell, STAY OUT!

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