Make no mistake about it, for any true Patriots fan, the season is well underway. Just read this tweet about today's scrimmage in Philadelphia and try not to get chills.

New England Patriots Training Camp
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If you really want to separate yourself from reality, waste a minute or two listening to the hot takers and noise makers of the sports talk world.

The emergence of Mac as a threat to Cam's position as the starting quarterback has created an awkward and toxic environment throughout the entire team? WRONG.

Mac Jones has already sustained a significant knee injury and the knee brace that he is wearing is an indication that he can't handle the day to day wear and tear of NFL football? WRONG.

I prefer reading actual eye witness accounts from people that I've trusted for years in the realm of sports journalism.

In the sixty minutes of actual football that this team has played, I've detected an energy and excitement that has been lacking, believe it or not, since the last few months of Tom Brady's career in Foxboro.

The defense is going to be exponentially better than they were last year and there are multiple options for Josh McDaniels to utilize offensively from the quarterback position.

This tweet encapsulates all that positivity in just three sentences.


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