Our #1 priority is keeping our families safe, and what better way than to live in a safe area of the country?  New England is a fairly safe area of America to live, but there are a couple of highlights from a new study which bring home the best of the best.

WalletHub.com compared 14 different criteria which deem a community "safe" to live in.  This includes unemployment rate, assault rates, fatal accidents, hate crimes, poverty levels, debt to income ratios, and firefighters, EMT's, and police per capita.

That's a whole lot of data to comprehend, but it's no wonder why the #1 safest city in America is right here in New England. When you look at the data points for this city (along with its amazing growth in the last five years), it makes sense this is a safe place that many want to reside in.

The safest city in New Hampshire, as well as America, is Nashua, New Hampshire.

srinivas kodali via unsplash.com
srinivas kodali via unsplash.com

Mine Falls Park is a serene spot in the midst of the surrounding city. The cost of living, while going up, is still reasonable, and the crime rate is low.  These are many of the factors which exemplify the city of Nashua.

Other New England cities in the top 10 list of safest communities include South Burlington, Vermont, at #3, Warwick, Rhode Island, at #5, Portland, Maine, at #6, and Burlington, Vermont, at #9.

That's proof New England has some of the best and safest cities in America.

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