Granite Staters are proud of their beautiful state, and overjoyed by the recent news concerning one of the New Hampshire State Parks.

A popular travel site recently researched the best and most popular state parks in all of America.  This is a difficult decision because in my eyes, all national state parks offer something beautiful and different for adventurous outdoor people.

The top state park offers something really special for everyone, from hiking to camping, skiing, aerial tram, beach, RV park, boating and flume gorge.  All of this and so much more exist in the #1 State Park in America.

So, which state park are we talking about?  If you are from New Hampshire, you know it has to be Franconia Notch State Park. is a premier travel site, and because the task of picking the #1 state park was so daunting, they asked their readers to vote.

That's how Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire became ranked #1.  Millions of people have traveled through the park and found it as stunning as we do, not to mention the plethora of things to do in all four seasons.

VisitNH-New Hampshire via Facebook
VisitNH-New Hampshire via Facebook

The incredible Flume Gorge is talked about as a natural wonder, and it is.

Echo Lake has a beach, fishing, and hiking trails. TravelAwaits writer SJ Morgensen says,

 "This little lake, surrounded by mountains, is completely unexpected and looks like a painting.  It's absolutely gorgeous".

The Cannon Mountain Tram is stunning in winter and in fall, allowing you to see the scenic view for miles.

So next time you are thinking about looking for one of those hidden gems, look no further than Franconia Notch State Pare, because America says it's #1, but New Hampshire residents already knew that.

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