You don't even get the respect of a "Dear Jerk" in there, due to the absolute lack of respect you clearly have for our community. I don't know whether your lack of respect is with police officers, New Hampshire State Troopers, or just humanity in general, but you crossed the line.

The thin blue line.

No idea what I'm talking about? Obliviously think somehow this isn't directed at you? Let me remind you of exactly why you're being called out on your jerk-ness and absolute lack of respect. Over the weekend, this flag, a special thin blue line flag, was hung on the Ocean Road overpass of I-95.

Greenland Police
Greenland Police

That flag was hung in tribute to an officer, one of OUR officers with the New Hampshire State Police Department, Staff Sgt. Jesse Sherrill, after he was tragically killed by a tractor trailer while working overnight construction detail. A member of the Greenland community contacted the Greenland Police Department and offered that flag to be hung in tribute. THAT'S what respect looks like, unlike you.

I want you to think about what you did. It may have just been "being cool with/in front of/for your friends." Maybe you even saw the flag and decided you wanted it. But that flag wasn't just a flag. It was a symbol of the memory of a 19-year veteran of the NH State Police. A woman's husband. A father of children. A son of parents. A brother to siblings.

A protector of the state. And assuming you live in New Hampshire, that includes you.

Taking that flag? STEALING that flag? That wasn't just rude. Not just disrespectful. It's flat out disgusting. And make no mistake -- you didn't only disrespect Staff Sgt. Jesse Sherrill by taking that flag. Not just his family. Not just his brothers and sisters in blue across the state and even the region and country, since tributes have poured out for Staff Sgt. Sherrill from other states.

You disrespected an entire community. But by doing that, you also brought the community together. Because right now, there's two sides divided amongst a thin blue line -- the community is together on one side, and you're on the other. Alone.

Do the right thing. Return the flag. Apologize. Mean it. Learn the meaning of respect. And most of all, just be a better human. This is your legacy right now -- it doesn't have to stay that way. But that decision and choice is on you.

Fallen NH State Police Trooper SSgt Jesse Sherrill Came Home Over the Weekend

The body of New Hampshire State Police Staff Sgt. Jesse Sherrill who died in the line of duty early Thursday while working a construction detail was brought from Concord to Dover on Friday.

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