If you've been tuning in to WCYY's new morning show, Toucher and Rich, you've likely fallen in love with one of the strangest segments on radio in America. It's called 'Brookline 911', which is a riff on the satirical Comedy Central show Reno 911. In that show, a group of officers are followed around mockumentary-style as they hilariously deal with everyday police problems. Brookline 911 feels like that in radio form. There's just one problem: all of the calls are real and they are so, so stupid.


Toucher and Rich plan to being a 'Brookline 911' live event to the Wilbur Theater in Boston on Friday, May 13th. Toucher and Rich will have their usual cast of characters in tow as they present never-before-heard real calls from what they deem to be the 'angriest city in America', Brookline, Massachusetts. Here's a little taste of the segment if you've missed it live on-air.

The 'Brookline 911' live event will be the first major appearance for Toucher and Rich since the pandemic the the world on its head. Tickets are available now for this fully seated event, including VIP upgrades that include a chance to meet Toucher and Rich post-show.  The Toucher and Rich show airs each weekday morning on WCYY from 6-10am.

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