Who doesn't love a lighthouse? Each one is unique in its own way. It truly feels like a lighthouse has its own identity. The character they exhume only appreciates by age. So, considering most lighthouses are 100 plus years old, the character is pouring out.

Maine's Lighthouses

In Maine, we have some absolutely amazing lighthouses. We are lucky to have many still standing and active.

According to visitmaine.com, there are currently 65 lighthouses still standing in Maine. That is 65 historical monuments that still grace the rocky shores of Maine's beautiful but dangerous coastline.

Maine's Most Popular Lighthouses

While Maine doesn't have the most lighthouses, it does have some of the most iconic ones in the country. Portland Head Light is internationally known. Marshall Point Light was filmed for an Academy Award-winning movie. Pemaquid Light averages around 100,000 visitors a year. And this is just naming a few example.

With tourism back stronger than ever, I decided to take a look at travel site TripAdvisor's Maine page, where there is a list of the most popular lighthouse in Maine. I wanted to get a sense of what lighthouses "outsiders" (and Mainers, of course) call their favorite.

While the regulars, like Portland Head, Two Lights, and others are listed, it's great to see a mix from around the state. Sometimes these lists can heavily favor the southern part of the state. That is not the case here, and for good reason. There's beautiful lighthouses up and down the Maine coast.

Below is a list of the Top 20 Maine Lighthouses based on TripAdvisor's 'Traveler Favorites.' Those rankings are based on ratings, reviews, photos, and popularity.

TripAdvisor's Top-20 Maine Lighthouses

We know what Mainers love about Maine. What about the entire world? In this article, we look at Maine's incredible lighthouses.

Here's the Top-20 most popular Maine lighthouses according to Tripadvisor. Many of these are familiar, while others might surprise you.

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