The Maine State Police took to social media this morning to report one of the more bizarre and elaborate crimes in Maine highway history. For more than six years, a tractor trailer driver ducked tolls on the Maine Turnpike as well as other toll roads in the northeast using a variety of stolen license plates, including ones that belonged to people whom are deceased.

Detectives finally caught up to Danny Olson of Turner, Maine after a thorough investigation and arrested him for a variety of crimes, including theft of services. Over the course of more than 6 years, Maine State Police allege that Olson racked up more than $1,300 worth of unpaid tolls while traveling on the Maine Turnpike. Police allege he accumulated thousands more unpaid tolls using the same scheme through other New England states as well.

Olson was transported to the Androscoggin County Jail and held on $2,500 bail. Other states in which he violated laws will be contacted by Maine State Police and Olson could face federal charges as well.

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