Local comedian Ian Stuart must have been in the right place, at the right time. He took to Facebook Live to share a video of a band, (we don't know their name) made up of youngsters (he said 12-year-olds) playing an amazing cover of a System of a Down song.

While the video itself is shot too far away to really see the Tweens tearing up the stage, it may be more entertaining to watch the audience while the music playing. It appears that most people in the audience have absolutely no idea what song, or what band, the youngsters are covering.

But straight from us here at WCYY, this gives up hope that the youth of America is still listening to rock music and that they still want to PLAY rock music. Because you know, this cover of SOAD was awesome for kids that young. Throw up the horns and let's keep rock n' roll alive.

Thanks Ian!

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