It wouldn’t be Halloween without some UFO sightings in New Hampshire.

Only this time, a lot of people in Maine saw them too. And in broad daylight.

Posting to the Kittery, Maine Facebook group, a user posted a photo of two bizarre streaks seen while driving on Route 1 South Saturday. At first glance, they appear to be smoke contrails from airplanes.

However, as the user noted, whatever caused the streaks seems to have stopped just as quickly, as they appear to have started out of nowhere before immediately vanishing. There is no aircraft visible in the photo.

Other users chalked it up to crashing weather balloons, or ball lightning, though the latter seems unlikely, given the clear weather conditions. Others suggested meteors or vapor trails from jets, but those are also questionable, given their quick disappearance.

One user noted how, in the photograph, the white, seemingly smokey streaks differ from normal contrails by being short, thick, and curved. But as another self-proclaimed “aviation geek” pointed out, this can occur when standard aircraft flying at a high altitude are told to take a different flight path.

But it wasn’t just daytime, as another user reported what looked like a red object falling straight down around 7:30 p.m. Someone in Seabrook, New Hampshire, also reported seeing the white streaks mentioned throughout the conversation.

The Seacoast is no stranger to UFO sightings – most famously, the infamous Exeter Incident that lives on in local folklore despite seemingly being debunked.

Then, there’s this strange photo yours truly snapped that wasn’t noticed until reviewing the camera roll moments later.

If it was aliens, hopefully they were at least smarter than these duds who blew it down in Massachusetts once upon a time.

To judge the weekend’s sightings for yourself, visit the Kittery, Maine Facebook group.

Or, have some fun by putting on a black suit and sunglasses and knocking on some doors in Kittery!

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