The phrase "once in a lifetime" gets thrown around a little too often these days. But for a 10 year old boy from Bar Harbor, that phrase never rang more true last week. Noah Keeley took the stage as a guest of Eddie Vedder and then played an entire song on-stage with Pearl Jam in front of a sold out crowd in Quebec City.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Vedder received a video from Noah's mother of Noah and his father playing the Pearl Jam song "Sad" at a school event. Vedder viewed the video, enjoyed it, and decided to invite family to the Quebec City show so that Noah could perform "Sad" with the band on-stage. Noah told Vedder that he "might die" while performing with Pearl Jam. Instead, he killed it.

In the video, you can see Noah initially look overwhelmed and exasperated but once its showtime, he channeled his ability to be a future rockstar. It was an amazing moment, especially when Vedder proclaimed that Noah "played the song much better than I ever have". Vedder has always proclaimed that Pearl Jam's music is for their fans, and this is another indication of giving a 10 year old a moment and memory that he will truly never forget. Congrats Noah and rock on!


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