It is no secret that small businesses have been struggling for a year now with Covid. But for one business in Bath - they can breath.


News Center Maine reported that Barstool Sports is funding Mae's Cafe and Bakery in Bath. Dave Portnoy, who is the founder and president of Barstool Sports, called Katie Winglass this week to tell her the good news. Their Instagram account shows a bit of the entry and the Facetime call with the good news.


What the heck!? That's amazing. What is Barstool and the Barstool Fund? Barstool is a a collection of irreverent sports blogs, podcasts and other media. And they are pretty popular. So much so that Penn National Gaming bought 36% of the company for a transaction worth almost half a billion dollars.

That is great news for small businesses across the country - and even here in Maine. You too can apply. If you are a business owner still paying your employees, tell Barstool Sports what you need the money for to survie.

The best part is that the business doesn't get a one time payment. Nope. The Barstool Fund will bankroll your business for as long as you need to stay in business.

Katie was at wits end wondering how to pay her employees...this is a miracle that came just in time. This will save her business, named after her youngest. The Barstool Fund has helped raise more than $32 million for business owners.


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