OK, so the Maine State Police weren't actually featured in the widely popular Grand Theft Auto 5 video game, the guy in this video created the look of the car as well as the uniform on the character, but it's still cool to see our Troopers in a video game.

As I watched the video I also noticed how much the scenery looked like Maine, the pine trees, the evergreens, the snow of course, but one thing I realized was this is not GTA5 like it says in the description on his YouTube page. After a little searching I discovered he actually makes gaming videos which is cool!

In this game he plays as a Maine State Trooper and pulls people over who are speeding or driving erratically or recklessly. He even sets up a speed trap to slow down drivers which leads to another traffic stop and arrest. Yes, he can arrest people, call for tow trucks, pretty much anything a real Trooper can do, he can do in this game.


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