It's inevitable. Each year in New England potholes and frost heaves take over our roads. It doesn't matter if it's the city or the county, you're bound to find them.

The worst ones sneak up on you. You hit them and it's like your soul leaves your body. You feel the need to apologize to your car. It could be because it's an unfamiliar road, unmarked, or just plain old difficult to see.

One man in East Conway, New Hampshire was clearly getting sick of the terrible road conditions and decided to set up a "Slam Cam" to document the countless drivers who clearly don't see the heaves (or see them far too late) and "slam" them quite hard.

I'm not sure if his documentation efforts will get the road fixed anytime soon, but he at least uploaded the video to YouTube for our entertainment.

The video is funny because, unfortunately, who hasn't been there? Not just a time or two, but every year. Again, it's inevitable.

Where do you think the worst pothole or frost heave is? Message us on the app!

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