Wheel of Fortune seems like a pretty straightforward game. You spin the wheel, you get some money or prizes, you guess a letter and hopefully solve a puzzle. But occasionally, and it seems to be happening more often these days, contestants on the show get a little too eager to solve puzzles. And thanks to OffTheMonsterSports.com, people worldwide get to re-watch that contestants blunder.

That brings us to the puzzle above. Shared on Twitter by Anto4799, the contestant clearly known the Patriots are involved. As well as understanding their propensity for winning the Super Bowl. Kudos on both those accounts. But unfortunately for the contestant, he didn't realize the Patriots have only won 5 Super Bowls and not 6...yet.

Patriots fans across the country rejoiced at the error, believing that the Pats aren't only just in the heads of opposing teams, but now just random Wheel of Fortune contestants. They believe that the GOAT (Tom Brady) and Bill Belichick will capture #6 and that we can all go back in time, watch this clip again and say....that guy was ahead of his time.

You can win a lot of money on Wheel of Fortune but if we were this guy, time to play the lottery. Especially if you're this good at predicting the future.

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