It's likely you've been caught in a debate on this subject, and you were probably pretty adamant about it.

Yes, the old "When is it OK to start listening to Christmas music?"

That depends on who you ask.

If you walked into a large retail corporation right now, it wouldn't be surprising to hear some Bing Crosby while you're there to pick up anything but Christmas decorations.

Shiny Christmas Baubles
Lisa Thornberg

I've always associated the day after Thanksgiving with the day when it becomes part of your life for a month, whether you like it or not.

In recent years, the trend appears to have changed. This could be driven by businesses promoting the holiday earlier and as a result, subconsciously forcing people into the Christmas spirit.

Or maybe it's just become more acceptable to start playing that Mariah Carey song in November.... or even earlier.

Maine and New Hampshire have chimed in on when they start listening to Christmas music. Now, keep in mind, the question asks when YOU start listening to Christmas music.  Not when you think is it ACCEPTABLE.

The long-standing general consensus still seems to be the majority with most cranking it up on November 24, the day after Thanksgiving, but you may be surprised with how many Mainers don't want to hear it at all...

Day After Thanksgiving35%
Christmas Eve11%
December 1st7%
November 1st5%
Thanksgiving Day5%
Week Leading up to Christmas4%
Whenever 94.9 WHOM Starts Playing it3%
Christmas Day3%
Mid December2%

Christmas music has been shown to have a different effect on different people. For example, some might not be able to wait to have it playing all day long. For others, Christmas music can trigger stress, as it can be associated with finances for Christmas presents and time limits to get shopping done.

Whatever your stance is on this, it's likely that in a very short time from now, the sounds of the holidays will be following you wherever you go.

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