The Christmas season has officially come and gone, which means return season has begun. But one person happened to notice some peculiar behind the Dick's Sporting Goods location in Bangor, Maine the day after Christmas...a dumpster filled to the brim with bicycles that appeared to have very little (if anything) wrong with them. So whats up?

The truth isn't going to sit well with consumers. There are rules and regulations companies must abide by when it comes to returns and exchanges. According to this report from a Fox affiliate, most major retailers in the United States find difficulty in reselling returned items. Attempting to repackage the item or pass it along to secondary retailers can be pricey, so the final option is to trash the damaged goods even if the damage is slight or unnoticeable. That may explain the pile of bikes spotted behind Dick's in Bangor.

Many of the comments left on this Facebook post were by ambitious people hoping that could salvage the bikes for children who could truly use them for the coming warmer months. It's technically illegal to dumpster dive in Maine if the dumpster is on private property and there are signs posted. Keep that in mind if you are planning on making a great heist.

What do you think about this mount of "trash"? Should we, as a society, have a better solution for product returns over the holiday season? Sound off on our Facebook page.


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