Here's another installment of Maine vanity license plates from the amazing collection of Morgan from Vanity of Maine. This week we are featuring plates that tell us a little something about the person behind the wheel. Sometimes it's a hobby or interest. Or a state of mind. Or even a bit about your personal anatomy. We got them all for you this week!


OK, between the wheel cover, the lobster plate, and the SALT E title, I just bet this person loves the ocean. And yes, I bet they are salty!



Something MANY can relate to.



We may stay a few feet back from this guy. Hey, we all have our passions.



Good to know I guess.


Awww. And I bet you go to Disneyworld every year.


This is sweet ..and good for you for putting it out there.


Although once you start running, it's usually not much fun at all. Go get 'em!

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