Last summer, production began on a romantic comedy focusing around zombies. To make it even more exciting, most of it was filmed right here in Portland. Expect brain eating zombies as a full scale apocalypse breaks out.

Mainer Kyle Rankin, who had a movie review segment here on CYY in the early 2000s called "Kyle and Efrem Go to the Movies", is the film maker behind the project. He's very excited about the movie. He told Maine Today “There are so many Portland sites in the movie, so many Portland people, I can’t wait to show it to everyone there,” He goes on to say “I think there are moments when the theater will just go crazy. The words Portland, Maine are said like six times.” He's also excited about the fact that Mainers who come watch the film are likely to see people they know.

Check out the official trailer.

Here are the locations and times that you can catch it this weekend:

6:30 pm - Space Gallery, Portland Maine SOLD OUT

7:30 pm - Smitty's Cinema Biddeford

9:30 pm - Space Gallery, Portland


6:00 pm - Frontier, Brunswick

7:30 pm - Space Gallery, Portland




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