From over-sized lumberjacks to mailboxes in the sky, you see some wacky things cruising the roads in Maine. Here are some of the strange things we have seen in our travels.

Of course there are lot of other weird things to see on the side of the road in Maine, but these are some of our favorites (in no particular order.)

And thanks to our loyal listeners, we even have a bonus for you at the end!

  • 1

    Large Lumberjack


    He's not as big as Bangor's but this is another Paul Bunyan statue. Made of fiberglass, statues like this are called Muffler Men and were very popular roadside in the 1960's.

  • 2

    A Pink Triceratops

    Route 1, Belfast

    Also popular roadside in the 1960s were dinosaurs. Here is a really eye catching one in front of Perry's Nut House. We have a different type of dinosaur lower on this list.

  • 3

    Solar System

    Route 1, Houlton to Presque Isle

    Educational and entertaining! You can see the entire solar system in 40 miles! Pictured, our course, is Saturn in the town of Westfield. You can tell by the rings.

  • 4



    This is a newer sight on the side of the road, but worth mentioning. Driving by this definitely made me do a double take! Keep your eyes peeled in the fields of Orrington, you never know what you will see!

    Amanda McDonald
  • 5

    Old Salt

    Atlantic Avenue, Boothbay

    You can't miss this one! He's the only guy for miles in a huge, yellow slicker! He is also one of the largest of many "Old Salt's" along the coast.

  • 6

    World's Largest Blueberry

    Route 1, Columbia Falls

    The world's largest blueberry is quite a sight to see, not to mention you can go inside!

  • 7

    Metal Dino

    Crystal Road, Island Falls

    Here's another one of those roadside dinos like Belfast's. Though I haven't gone by it for more than 10 years, it was still one of the first things I thought to put on this list. I mean come on, a dinosaur... in Island Falls? Plus, as you can see in this photo, he's wearing some cool shades. You can also find a very similar dino (without shades) on the Hallowell Rd. in Chelsea, Maine.

  • 8

    Paul Bunyan


    Of course we had to include this guy. He is like Bangor's Statue of Liberty, greeting all those coming to the Queen City. Folks from away who don't know of Bangor's lumber history think he is just some random lumberjack.

    Townsquare Media Bangor
  • 9

    Air Mail


    You will see a few of these sky high mailboxes in the state although these 2 may be the most well known as they have even been mentioned on CNN. For no other reason than humor these mailboxes do give those passing by a good laugh.

  • 10

    Metal Dragons and a Blue Moose

    Depot Road, Union

    We have no idea what the story behind these lawn statues are but they sure are interesting! On a private home lawn you will find these metal dueling dragons, a blue fiberglass moose, and some other really random lawn art.

  • 11

    The Big Indian


    This guy was actually inspired by a giant fisherman who is higher on this list. The BFI (Big Freeport Indian), as locals know him, greets northbound traffic with his stoic face and grand headdress.

  • 12

    A Giant Coke Can

    Route 15, Kenduskeag

    Again, this is not the only example of a large soft drink can on the side of the road in Maine but here is one close to Bangor. Is anyone else thirsty?


    Route 94 Tin Man

    Route 94, Garland

    Well, we just had to add this very cool, roadside tin man to our list after all the feedback we got from you guys. Thanks to Christy Bouley for first suggesting it, and thanks to Stella O'Connor for sending us a photo. This smiling guy is a favorite of passing motorists, and makes getting the mail fun every day.

    Courtesy Stella O'Connor