There are occasions when you drive by a sign, read it real quick, and then as you're driving away you begin to think, "wait, what did I just read?". Well, one of our listeners, Kelly Logan Barclay shared with us one on Facebook.

Facebook via Kelly Logan Barclay
Facebook via Kelly Logan Barclay

This sign at a New Life Church obviously was not intended to read quite how it does. The innocent intentions certainly are a call to ask how often you visit your place of worship. But in a world where seemingly everything is a dirty joke, it's just tough not to giggle after reading this.

We totally understand that the church has limited space to work with so when you're trying to make a point, you've got to get right to it. But after crafting a message like this, it's always good to bounce the phrasing off a couple of other people to see if they have any issues with it.

Anyways, we'll leave you to answer this personal question. Might be best to keep the answer to yourself.

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the sign was at the New Life Church in Biddeford. The sign was in fact not at the New Life Church in Biddeford.

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