A high-speed police chase down Route 121 in Casco ended in Bolsters Mills after the driver crashed into the Bolsters Mills Country Store.

According to the Sun Journal, police tried to stop the driver of a pickup truck after they failed to yield shortly after 11 p.m. Wednesday.

The driver led the officer on a high-speed chase through Casco until the driver approached sharp left turn in the center of village of Bolster Mills. There was no way the driver was going to make that turn at a high speed and instead crashed right through the front door of the Bolsters Mills Country Store, starting a small fire.

The store was closed at the time.



Here's what the store looked like in 2016 from Google Streetview before it got slammed into. Back then it was called Day's Country Store.

Google Streetview
Google Streetview

As of this writing, police haven't released the driver's name or any additional details.

Bolsters Mills Country Store is the only game in town for day to day needs and is one of those places where everyone knows you name. They'll be closed for a while until they can get the damage repaired.

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