When the city of Portland says there is a parking ban, they mean it!

Nor'easter Storm Quinn has come and gone, but the clean up continues. Wednesday night Portland officials put an overnight parking ban in place. Not anything strange due to the amount of snow that was falling per hour. Crews worked feverishly to keep up with keeping the roads and street parking clear. Governor LePage even asked all Mainers to stay home and off the roads. Well, looks like some Portlanders didn't get the memo or just didn't care. Despite knowing their cars could be towed, some thought they were above the rules. Or, maybe they just didn't know where they could park?

WGME Channel 13 has reported that 83 cars where towed and impounded over the course of the parking ban. So, on top of crews trying to clean our streets; they had to clean up cars off the streets too! I can't find it in my heart to feel bad for these people, because they were told not to park on the streets. Each person had to pay $170 to get their cars back. Wow! Sorry I am not sorry.

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