It’s the season for giving…and stealing.

I’m sure you have seen the videos online or the news. A package or two harmlessly sitting on someone’s stoop. And then, disaster strikes.

Someone or some people sneakily stroll right up and snatch the goods. It’s a serious issue nationwide, and especially this time of year.

The holiday season always increases freight. And, combining everyone’s love of ordering everything online due to COVID, it’s a bandit’s dream scenario.

One of those videos hit close to home this past week in Bangor.

The Bangor Daily News posted the Security footage from the home on Jefferson Street showed a brazen “porch pirate” grab and take off with a package, only to disappear back into the misty seas of central Maine.

As tragic as this and other plunders have been, there are some steps you can take to protect your booty.

The Bangor Daily writes that the Bangor Police Department has made suggestions to the public to help avoid all those dirty swashbucklers stealing your goods. Those include scheduling deliveries when you know you will be home, security cameras and motion lights, and even a secure lockbox if possible.

These strategies, along with being vigilant, will be a great defense for any buccaneer who may be looking to pillage your porch.

The holiday season is a time of giving, receiving, and cheer. Don’t let those porch pirates ruin your December with their sticky fingers.

The Bangor Police Department asks anyone who may recognize the pirate from the viral video to contact them at 207.7484.

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