Momo's had been robbed and was feeling like the honor system was not working and might go away.

Seven years ago Brenda and Andres Ledezma started selling cheesecakes out of their garage and on the honor system. Because you can leave money, their garage is open 24/7. Momo's Cheesecakes Bakery on 471 Main Street in Ellsworth is legendary. Not just because of the first-rate cheesecakes and fudge, but because of how much trust Momo (Brenda) puts in her customers.

Momo's Cheesecakes Bakery Facebook
Momo's Cheesecakes Bakery Facebook

But recently, Brenda has seen some thefts and if it continues, they felt like they might have to end the honor system. They posted their frustration on Facebook.


They hadn't made public any of the videos showing the theft, but the frustration was palpable. On Facebook, you could hear how fed up she was.

We do have your face on camera. Also, we just want to be fair in warning everyone that we have had to put better-quality cameras in!! We run on the Honor System!! This is NOT A FREE FOR ALL!! If you can not afford to pay for the products but you are hungry and need food, reach out to us. We’ll get you a meal. This is our livelihood!

Since this happened, there was an updated Facebook post last month,

Momo pleads with the community,

We do ask that if you know this person that you do not treat her differently! Everyone makes mistakes, whether it was done on purpose or by mistake, we do forgive her. And we do not want it to affect her daily life. BE KIND!!

I think it's why we love Momo's so much. The love they put in that delicious cheesecake is the love they put out into the world. Go get some cheesecake. You deserve it!

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