Happy St. Patrick's Day! If you want to talk New England on St. Patrick's Day, you better mention Connor and Murphy MacManus, the two Irish brothers from Boston who bring vigilante justice in the movie "Boondock Saints." The 1999 flick is a cult classic and has become one of the most beloved "Irish" movies of all time. it also stars one of our favorite Mainers, Mr. Bob Marley! The film only grossed about $35,000 when it played in theaters. But no worries, because it went on to gross over 50 million dollars in video sales!  A sequel came out in 2009 and Bobby is also in that one. In fact, he gets shot and killed (which is REALLY weird to watch), but comes back on hockey skates during a dream sequence. Fantastic!

We love Bob's character in Boondock. Wikipedia describes Marley's Detective Greenly as "a marginally competent Boston Police Department detective assigned to the gang murders." Marley's character becomes the verbal punching bag for Willem Dafoe's character, Agent Smecker, and hilarity ensues. Bob Marley and Willem Dafoe. Can you imagine?

Check out one of our favorite scenes from Boondock Saints. This is Bob breaking down the crime scene in an alley. CAREFUL-there is some very colorful NSFW 'Irish" language in this scene.


Bonus! Marley vs Dafoe scenes from Boondock. There are so many great scenes in the movie where Agent Smecker (Dafoe) takes it to poor Detective Greenley. Also lots of swears in this clip.



If you've never seen Boondock Saints, here's the trailer:

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