CYY 25 has started! And we HAVE to start with the band that started CYY....NIRVANA.  "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was the first song we ever played and was the perfect song to announce what CYY was about to do to the Portland radio dial.  Listen for Nirvana double shots all day.

Nirvana never played in Portland but they did sneak in and spend some time where when they were mastering In Utero with the great Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering. Bob and Adam Ayan at Gateway have mastered a bunch of Nirvana albums and DVD's over the years. The band visited  Gateway  1993 and spent a few days in Portland. They stayed at the Portland Regency Hotel, and from all accounts were asked never to return to this fine establishment when they checked out!

It's cool to know there's a little bit of Portland in the history of Nirvana. Dave Grohl did play in Portland with the Foo Fighters in 1998 (State Theatre) and at the Civic Center (2000).

NIRVANA IS CYY. Thank you for BEING CYY for all these years. As we celebrate rocking Maine for 25 years, we want to know how long YOU'VE been along for the ride with us? How long have YOU BEEN CYY?  CLICK HERE to send us an audio message we can play on the radio!





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