Yesterday was the Patriots' season opener, and despite a lot of positive predictions... Well...

Yep. Ouch.

While yesterday might have hurt (especially those late-game tackles), leave it to Patriots fans to find a way to shame Goodell regardless. The NFL commissioner did in fact attend the game at Foxboro yesterday, and took the field to a hilarious string of boos from the amped-up New England crowd. Most interestingly, though, is this curious piece of merchandise that made its way around the crowd. Just about 70,000, in fact. Watch WCSH6's video report on it below:

That's exactly what you think it is - a Roger Goodell Clown Towel, and by jove I want one.

The towels, and other merchandise that the image appeared on, were all thanks to Barstool Sports, who produced the items as a call to action when it was announced that the commissioner would be attending the game. Check out Barstool's video on it here. In typical Barstool fashion, it's hilarious, over the top, and exactly what we need right now.

Leave it to Patriots fans to spread this around so quickly. I've already seen plenty of Facebook friends sporting them, even today. So, I'll be ordering mine soon, and if you're a true Pats fan, you will too.

On to next week's game vs the Saints!

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