Before Portland had a ZILLION top-notch restaurants and became a worldwide foodie destination, we had to settle for just a few great places. Places like The Village Cafe, Valle's Steak House, F. Parker Reidy's, Alberta’s, Ruby’s Choice, Hu Shang, Walters, Aubergine, Norm’s Una, and Horsefeathers.

There was also a classic place on Middle Street called Carburs.

This was one of my favorite places in the '80s with a menu 10 miles long!



We found some pictures of the Carburs menu in a fantastic Facebook group called "Portland Maine Encyclopedia of the 1960s, 70's and 80's. The sandwich descriptions are priceless!


Some people do not like big, giant long menus. But I LOVE it. The menu was a BOOK.  In fact, you could buy a copy of the Carburs menu for 75 cents. When they first opened, they sold out of the menus in two weeks!

And this is why Carburs was my spot. Did I always get the same thing? Yup. The "Down East Feast" was my jam. Carburs had over NINETY sandwiches on the menu.




Carburs opened in April of 1977. I loved that their sign outside had "Carburs;  Since 1977" which was kind of weird to see in 1981

They also had two floors of floor-to-ceiling plants. The place was irreverent, funky, and cool. And very yummy!



Here's what the location looks like today on Middle Street in the Old Port. I still think of Carburs every time I walk by!

Thanks again to "Portland Maine Encyclopedia of the 1960s, 70's and 80's for bringing me back to this fantastic place.

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