A 60 year old woman from Presque Isle climbed to the top of a 75 foot tree to rescue her cat and unfortunately got stuck at the top.

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According to the Bangor Daily News, an elderly woman got trapped at the top of a 75 foot tree attempting to rescue her pet cat and ended up having to be rescued herself. The Presque Isle Fire Department rushed to the scene and was able to safely evacuate the woman from the tree.

Check out these photos and more details on the story courtesy of the Bangor Daily News. They're amazing. 


JD's Take: So I took a long look at that tree and thought to myself, could I even climb that thing? I mean, that's an intense tree and an elderly lady climbed all the way to the top for a cat that wanted no part of her? Can we sign her up for other ridiculous feats? Can she punch through brick walls to get to her pet hamster? Will she swim 6 miles of cold ocean water to rescue her pet fish? I can barely fill my cats food dish every morning before work and this woman is pretty much the female Tarzan (elderly edition). Huge props.