Women's Rights in America

It was a solid showing for the state of Maine in a recent Women's Rights report.

Wallethub.com, a personal finance website, recently published a report of the states with the best and worst records for women's rights. The Pine Tree State was listed as the 8th best state.

Maine came in with a score 65.97 out of 100. The scoring is based on three major categories, Workplace Environment, Education & Health, and Political Empowerment. Those categories were broken-down into 17 sub-categories, with all of them being compared by gender. The three primary categories were then weighted and combined, with the best score being a 100. You can read about Wallethub's methodology and see all of the metrics here.

Women's Rights in Maine

While Maine scored a mediocre 34th in workplace environment, the state had a 20th ranking in education and health. However, it was a number 2 ranking in political empowerment that truly sealed the Top-10 placement.

And as it should. This state has a tremendous legacy with women in politics, like Margaret Chase Smith, Olympia Snow, Janet Mills, and Susan Collins, just to name a few.

The Best States for Women's Rights

Number 1 on the list is New Mexico. The southwestern state was the only state scoring over a 70, finishing with a 70.03. It's followed by Nevada, California, New York, Vermont, West Virginia, and Hawaii. Massachusetts and Michigan follow after Maine to finish out the Top 10.

As for the worst? Well, that award goes to Utah, rolling in with a score 31.22. That includes a dead last ranking for education and healthcare, 48th ranking in workplace environment, and a balmy 42nd ranking in political empowerment. That's quite an impressive feat for the Beehive State.

But, back to the good news...great job people of Maine! It's nice to see that equality and care are still important factors for creating a wonderful society.

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