It's been scary watching things unfold economically in the last few weeks.

First, there were recommendations from our government. Places that should close. Then some cities implemented stay at home orders.

During these times some places closed their doors in hopes of good news in the weeks to come, others, such as restaurants, had to completely adjust how they did their day to day business. Adjustments were made to unemployment and enrollment has skyrocketed.

Now we're looking at a month-long stay at home order for the entire state. Businesses are doing what they can to preserve as much as they can with as few financial casualties they can.

Popular Brunswick-based donut shop Frosty's had grown from Brunswick to Freeport, Bath, Gardiner, and Augusta over the years. A popular donut spot for locals and tourists alike.

This past weekend they made the difficult decision to shut down two of their locations; Freeport and Gardiner, according to the Bangor Daily News.

According to the BDN interview with owner, Shelby Omdal, the reason for closing "is a direct result of what's going on currently. This is the way to mitigate any more losses."

The owners are hopeful for the future and hope that they can be a part of helping to rebuild communities once the pandemic ends.

We wish you nothing but the best, Frosty's!

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