There's a new feature of Google Earth that you're bound to waste some time on today. They've taken satellite photos of the Earth since 1984 and put them together in a timelapse so you can see how any place on the planet has changed in over three decades.

Google uses shots on a clear day and stitches them together in time lapse, and you can zoom and pan around to see land be developed, bridges built, and landscapes change.

Take Portland for example. Here's the timelapse of Portland and South Portland from 1984 to 2016. The big things you notice are how much the area around the Maine Mall was developed, the replacement of the Million Dollar Bridge with the Casco Bay Bridge and the extension of the runway at the Portland Jetport. Here's where to look.

And here's the video

Search for your own town to see how it has changed over the years. You'll need to do it on a desktop or laptop computer since it won't work on mobile devices. Do it at work if you have to. Just don't let the boss catch you.