I grew up in Maine and have spent most of my life here. I took a bit of a hibernation break and moved to Miami for a couple of years but eventually made my way back to our rocky shores.

I don’t miss a whole lot about Southern Florida but I do miss the unique restaurant scene and the fancy shmancy perks like rooftop bars and pools. A rooftop pool with a bar is very Miami but I could never picture one here in Maine. It just seems out of our reach, I don’t know.

Batson River Brewing & Distilling’s New Biddeford Location

Don’t shoot the messenger if I’m wrong but word on the block is that Maine could be getting a rooftop pool and bar in the near future. A rumor drifted around from Batson River management that there would be a rooftop pool at their new location and if you look at their website, the rendering of the space hints at a crazy detail: a rooftop pool!!

In case you don’t know how hyperlinks work, click this link: https://batsonriver.com/biddeford-maine/ and check it out yourself!! Zoom in… Do you see that little blue sketch?! Is that… could it be?? A POOL?!

Since the new location will be taking over the newly renovated Lincoln Mills, it's sure to acquire the pool up top. It's accessible to residents right now but this would open it up to the public and create a rooftop pool bar, which means really I'll have nothing to miss about Miami anymore.

Batson River Brewing & Distilling

No matter what, the new location in Biddeford will have a rooftop bar in Maine’s growing brick city. The distilling company has locations in Kennebunk and Portland and on their website it says the spot taking over the Lincoln Mill in Biddeford will be coming soon in 2022.

I’ve only been to the Portland location but just based on my experience there, I am extremely excited for the new location and am eager to check out their flagship in Kennebunk. The attention to detail throughout the restaurant is obvious, from their carefully crafted drink and food menus based on seasonal ingredients to their interior design and incredible atmosphere.

I went in the wintertime and was blown away by the winter wonderland they had created in their Portland space. Their cocktails are made with house-distilled spirits that change based on the season and they use local and fresh ingredients whenever possible. It’s an incredible place from drinks, to food, to the atmosphere, so I can only imagine how incredible this rooftop bar will be! (Oh, and fun fact, I met my significant other there, but I promise I'm not biased).

If there is a pool, that’s going to be pretty crazy. Biddeford is really on the come-up.

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