It appears we've reached a new height of delirium in Maine about the mythical burmese python roaming the river banks of Westbrook. A local band and production company know as Drivetrain, has penned and recorded a short, folk sounding song about Maine's most talked about exotic animal.

Police continue to search for clues as to the whereabouts of the large snake as the town of Westbrook has embraced the hysteria surrounding its initial sighting. Over the weekend, national news outlets picked up the story and spread it nationwide. Mid-week, the Westbrook Police Department spotted the snake eating what they believed to be beaver but were unable to corral the, what has proved to be, elusive beast.

That brings us back to the short diddy published to YouTube over the holiday weekend. You know you've made it as a celebrity in Maine, when bands take the time to write and record about you. The song details...

Wessie is thick and Wessie is long
But actually about average for a Burmese Python
Upon fuzzy mammals she likes to bite
And if you see her, she may give you a fright

Don't forget, if you're visiting Westbrook in the near future, be on the lookout for Wessie and whatever you do, don't attempt to capture her yourself. Contact police or the Maine Warden Service.

Also, no word yet if Wessie will be getting her own section at the Maine Cryptozoology Museum anytime soon.

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