The Salvation Army was established as an international charitable organization that began in 1865 in London, and still has its headquarters there. We know them in Maine and New Hampshire at Christmastime, ringing the bell for donations at local businesses, and their thrift stores are also operated year-round across the two states.

The money raised from each of these sources goes to a wide variety of charities and emergency relief efforts. 30 million people are served through the Salvation Army's efforts.

Salvation Army Thrift Stores sell used goods that people have brought to donate, and the proceeds go toward their causes. Items like clothing, books, record albums, shoes, DVDs, toys, and even furniture are donated by people who would rather know their discarded items are going to someone who needs them.

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Maine has Salvation Army Stores in Portland, Raymond, Lewiston, Rockland, Newport, Bangor, and Houlton. In New Hampshire, you'll find stores in Portsmouth, Salem, Rochester, Concord, Laconia, Swanzey, and West Lebanon.

The stores accept a lot of items, but they do have a list of things they cannot accept due to their size, potential hazards, and other reasons.

If you're planning to donate, you really should take a look at this list of 22 things that Maine and New Hampshire Salvation Army stores won't accept. No one wants to load up their car with big items after cleaning out their basement, just to find out that the Salvation Army Store can't accept them.

Maine, New Hampshire Salvation Army Stores Will Not Accept These 22 Items

These 22 items are not accepted at Salvation Army stores in Maine and New Hampshire.

Gallery Credit: Jeff Parsons

For the full list, head to the Salvation Army website.

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