We've all had big dreams at one point or another - being a rockstar, summiting Mt Everest with all of your limbs intact, crafting the perfect proposal moment, only to have it blow up in our faces when we actually try and accomplish it. This, fortunately and amazingly, was not the case for this Westbrook, Maine resident.

WCSH-6 reports that Pat Gallant-Charette, 66, swam the entire 21mi from England to France, officially making her the oldest person to ever do so. Incredible! Watch the video from WCSH below:

What's most amazing about this feat is that Gallant-Charette swam the channel without any professional coaching. According to WCSH, she was clad in nothing more than an LL Bean swimsuit and cap, which cannot have been warm.

WCSH states she first tried long-distance swimming in a jaunt from Portland out to Peaks Island, and enjoyed it so much that she stuck with it. Talk about a big jump in distance from the beginning!

For more info about this incredible story, read WCSH-6's full report here, or read about it on Gallant-Charette's blog here.

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