What a beautiful week on the radio! After 126 hours on the air to raise money for the Center for Grieving Children, Mark Curdo gave us the final amount raised at our WCYY Markathon Wrap Up Party at Aura. $70,003. A new Markathon record!

Thank you to our sponsors, especially our lead sponsors this year; Cinemagic Stadium Theatres and Aura.


Thanks to the hundreds of you that made your crazy and wonderful song requests! You made the TENTH Markathon Playlist the best in history!



Thanks to the hundreds of you that donated items and bid in our Markathon Auction. It helped raise over $12,000 for the Center for Grieving Children this year.


Herb Ivy


Thanks to the many, many people from Maine who just walked into One City Center and made donations this week. The Portland Ghostbusters, for example, raised money all year for Markathon.



Same with the great people at Intermed!


Major kudos to our CYY DJ's behind the scenes this week. They kept Mark propped up! Joe and Xander...you guys rock and we can't do this without you. Thanks for the countless hours and effort you also put into this week. Here they are with Mark, Lisa Morin from The Center, and Matt Gallagher from Oxford Casino Hotel, who came through for us again this year. Nice chip!



Of course, we need to thank our hero Mark Curdo who stayed on the air for 126 hours. He threw in an extra day this year!  Mark didn't leave the station at all this week. And here's a fun fact-Mark Curdo insists on never knowing how much money we've raised until he hears the final tally. That's why you never hear money updates during Markathons.  He just keeps his head down. naps on the studio floor, never "looks at the scoreboard" and plows ahead for this amazing cause. Mark, you are incredible.


We hope you've enjoyed Markathon 10.  It definitely runs the full range of emotions; from laughing to crying to exhaustion and everything in between. At the end of it all, we are reminded how closely connected and wonderful our CYY community is. Thank you for being part of our WCYY and Townsquare Media Family this week while helping the families of the Center for Grieving Children.

Now, Mark Curdo....go get that "long winters nap". Happy Holidays Everyone!