Find out more about this amazing topic and the amazing person behind it all. Using music as a form a therapy, help and hope - brilliant and awesome. 

Our music scene is a bit of fantastic, we all know that. And we all know Spose and Dave Gutter and Walt Craven and Spencer and so on. There's someone in particular though more people should know if they don't already.  

She doesn't stand on stage with a guitar and rock out like most local bands people know about. Although she could if she wanted to cause she's got mad skills like that. No, this person plays the vibes. VIBES. See below....


That's the great Lionel Hampton playing the vibes! But back to our gal, the vibes aren't the only thing she plays. She also plays drums, percussion, guitar, keys and she sings! She's played on stage with countless artists in and around Portland. Outside Portland too. Around Maine. She's played on countless records as well. 

Kate Beever is one of the local music scene's most valuable players, and people. She's got an infectious smile as well as an ear and instinct for music that's just remarkable.

This Saturday at USM in Gorham, Kate has organized and will be hosting Creative Health; a one day conference for caregivers and health providers to recognize and hopefully utilize the power of music with their patients and friends in need of support.

artwork by the talented Will Stewart

It's open for health care people, caregivers and just folks who might find music therapy a helpful outlet for someone in their life. You can attend this event and find out more about it on Facebook. CLICK HERE

What an awesome thing the power of music can be for those in need.

The uplifting feeling one can get hearing a beautiful melody or the power and strength one might find from strumming a guitar or hitting a drum. Kate is helping to bring music into people's lives as a form of therapy and strength, relaxation and hope.


(from her bio) Kate is a Board Certified Music Therapist with a Master’s degree in Music Psychotherapy from New York University. While in New York, she interned at Beth Israel Medical Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She returned to the fresh air of Maine to open Maine Music & Health. She works with clients of all ages with cancer, autism, cerebral palsy, brain injury, depression, developmental disabilities, dementia, and respiratory diseases.

So you know, if the playing in a band thing doesn't work out... she's gonna be aiight. Super smart and endlessly talented. Our scene is lucky to have Kate on and off stage. 


It's wonderful to see how our local music scene affects this community. Our musicians do more than just play cool shows and make killer CD's. They reach people in all kinds of ways. Kate is helping people in incredible ways. To better the lives of those who can feel, understand and respond to the power of music. Most of us enjoy the feeling of hearing a great song to fire up the weekend and get you all psyched. Awesome feeling right? Think about the joy hearing or playing music brings to our seniors who need to brighten their days. Think about the hope a sick child might find from singing a song with someone. Music and love.... there's nothing more powerful friends.