A lot of people were unaware that Old Orchard Beach had a public pooping problem until a couple weeks ago. That is when some online posts began to go viral, noting that residents of OOB had noticed an uptick in people, specifically those they believed to be tourists, relieving themselves in the ocean, the dunes and in parking lots near the beach.

According to WGME via the Bangor Daily News, Old Orchard Beach and the State of Maine believe they have found the solution to the bathroom crisis...portable toilets. A lot of the blame for people finding odd places to take dumps stemmed from the lack of free public restrooms. The town will install a grouping of portable toilets (free of charge) in hopes that it will curb a rather disgusting issue.

The town would eventually like to build additional free public restrooms but have a lack of available space and funds to do so. If the portable toilets are a success for the remainder of the 2017 season, people could see them again in 2018.

What do you think? Will this solve the problem?

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