If the promise of shrimp flavored gelato is making your stomach tie in knots, you're not alone. But don't worry, it's not really happening. 

If you've taken a leisurely stroll through Portland's Old Port in the past few days, there's a chance you've come across a sign promising a brand new business called Pinocchio's. The poster promises an array of seafood-flavored gelato coming soon with the bile-inducing slogan "the taste of the ocean in every bite". Big thanks to Reddit user NinjaKick666 for snapping this photo.

As it turns out, Pinocchio's nose is set to get very large, very soon. The promise of a seafood-flavored gelato shop will be shelved, in place of a brand new high-end cocktail bar called Proper Charlie's. An apology to those looking to try a rustic clam and salted caramel swirl.

The new bar will be located art 26 Exchange St right across from the Holy Donut and will serve "old-fashioned" cocktails appealing to the higher end of Portland's higher end cocktail consumers. The new bar has not confirmed whether or not they will be carrying a sea urchin gelato sprinkled with brownie bits. Damn, maybe next time.

Another sure-fire business plan takes shape in the Old Port...