WCSH-6 says goodbye to their weekend anchor, morning show reporter, and one of their youngest on-air contributors. For those that sip their coffee and watch bits and pieces of the Morning Report on WCSH-6, you'll notice a difference starting next week; no more Kelsey Fabian. For the past couple years, Fabian has been a morning show contributor, weekend anchor, and a fresh, young face in a business that continually needs an injection of youth.

Fabian took to her Facebook and Twitter account Friday morning to announce that she's decided to return to her home state, Pennsylvania. Multiple viewers and fans posted their well wishes and disappointment in her decision to move on.

Fabian made her mark on WCSH-6 during the Morning Report by broadcasting live under some severe weather conditions. She additionally was part of a series where she "lended a hand" doing everyday Maine jobs, so that people could better understand the hard work and labor that some jobs entail.

Good luck Kelsey, you never know, Carson came back...


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